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Giving back to Children

     Madi's smile was one that will never be forgotten.  Madi always saw the bright side of everything, and her constant joy, even as a small child, blessed my heart and soul.  During Madi's treatment phases, she often received gifts that lifted her spirits.  She would beam with excitement when a new gift arrived, or a card came in the mail.  It wasn't necessarily about the gifts, it was about the love attached to those gifts.  Madi always wanted to one day walk the halls of the hospital, tell her story, and give a gift to a child.  She wanted to make them smile, even if only for a moment.  Her love for children was pure and strong.  Not only did she see other sick children needing a smile, but she also saw other sick children with no parents by their side.  This truly broke her heart.  She was determined to not only help children in their sickness, but to also offer help to children in any bad or sad situation.  As Madi's Hope Foundation was birthed, we knew that children's needs would be at the top of our priorities.  We are so honored to have had the opportunity to supply kids at Riley Hospital for Children, toys and other items to help them smile.  We were also able to supply a monatary donation to the Riley Children's Hospital School Program, to help sick children be able to continue learning while they are inpatient receiving treatment.  Not only were we able to make a toy donation to Riley Hospital, but we were also able to help over 48 families provide gifts for their kids for Christmas last year, through a local help center and through great support and donations!  We could not have done it without your help!  We want to continue helping children in their great time of need.  We want to thank you all for helping us make these kids smile again!

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