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Madi's Hope Foundation began as an idea of Madi while she was in the hospital. She was so touched by all of the gifts she had received, she wanted to be on "the other side of giving." This foundation was named by Madi herself in April of 2019, three months before God called her home. Since its inception, our foundation has raised over $55,000 and we are just getting started. "Giving back" is what she wanted, and in her memory, we proudly carry out her dreams and wishes of giving back. 

In the past four years, just to name a few, we have:


- Assisted families with travel arrangements and accommodations to seek trial treatments not offered in our area


- Sent care packages to children suffering from many types of sickness and disease 


- Assisted families with Christmas gifts for their children each year


- Given out a character award known as the "Live Like Madi Award" to eighteen area high schools each year


- Donated money to our local high school band and athletic departments


- Given gift cards to families of children suffering from cancer, to assist them with their bills and food so they can be with their children in the hospital



Madi's Hope Foundation believes in the three C's of giving back. For more information on these three C's of giving back, click one of the links below:

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