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Giving back to Community

      Giving back to others is what Madi's Hope is all about.  Not only to sick children and families, but also to our schools, school programs, and community needs.  Some have asked us what this could possibly have to do with a sick child?  Well, the answer is simple.  Madi's Hope is all about furthering Madi's dreams of giving back to those that meant so much to her.  Madi not only wanted to help sick children and families in need, but she also wanted to offer assistance to schools, programs, and the community where she felt so very loved.  Madi had a passion for sports, academics, band, and she loved her hometown.  She often worried for those less fortunate, and always wanted to find a way to help.  Our schools and communities need our support in many ways.  Perhaps a student would need help purchasing a band instrument, or an athlete a pair of shoes for their uniform requirements, we want to be able to help fulfill those needs.  Realizing that there are so many children and adults that are struggling needing food, clothes, housing, and even help with Christmas, we wanted to be able to offer a lending hand.  We have been so blessed and honored to announce that through your amazing giving and help, we have been able to help our local schools, sports programs, our local food banks, and we have even been able to assist numerous families have a great Christmas last year.  We could not have done this without Madi's vision, your tremendous donations, and the help of our Lord!  We thank you all for allowing us to continue helping our great community needs!

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