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What is Madi's hope?


The Madi's Hope Foundation was birthed on a vision of a young woman.  That young woman was Madi Moore.  At the tender age of 15, Madi was diagnosed with a very rare form of blood cancer, Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Throughout her cancer battle, Madi never gave up hope.  She entered remission seven months after diagnosis and remained cancer free, and finally qualified for her bone marrow tranplant.  Although she defeated the "big C", she began to suffer from complications from the bone marrow transplant.  When Madi was just 17 years old, she passed away from Graft vs. Host disease, a side effect of her transplant.  

Throughout her treatment course and brave battle, Madi continued to remain steadfast in her faith, her fight, and her love for others.  She wanted to be on the "other side of the gift giving" and she wanted to help others battling in their own journeys.  She emphasized the importance of her own faith, her support from family and her community, and how she always wanted to help children.  When she told us she wanted to start this foundation, we knew we needed to focus on bringing help to those who needed it.  Madi's Hope Foundation focuses on three main areas of Madi's vision.  She wanted to be able to help others in need on a personal level, and truly offer a helping hand to promote healing.


The 3 C's of giving back represent and encompass Madi's vision.

1.  Helping Children--  Madi loved children.  She wanted to be able to offer help to sick children, abused children, children that are neglected, or less fortunate.  She wanted to make a difference in their lives, and she wanted to see their smiles light up the room.  Whether it's through gift-giving, helping a sick child's family with treatment costs, food or travel expenses, helping supply needs to children that are impoverished, or any needs a family may have, Madi always wanted to help.  Helping children the way others helped her was such a passion of Madi's. No matter what they were facing, Madi wanted all children to be able to smile and find joy in their lives.


2.  Helping Community--  One of the most important things in Madi's life was her community, her family, her school, and the people she loved.  She always talked about getting to go home from the hospital, and being back in her hometown, a place she so loved.  Madi felt overwhelming support from those in her community, and always dreamed of one day giving back to those who helped her through her own battle.  This area of the foundation will focus on meeting the needs in our community, including our impoverished residents, our schools, students, and families who may be struggling.  Our dreams would include to one day build homes for families in need, and start a community outreach for those who need a helping hand.  

3.  Helping Christ--  Madi's faith was so important to her.  Her relationship with Jesus brought her through so much and she only grew closer to Him throughout her battle.  Although her sickness kept her away from church for so long, she always stayed close to the Lord in scripture and prayer.  She prayed daily for those she loved and especially for her friends.  Through Madi's Hope, we want to honor the wishes and dreams of Madi by continuing supporting the prayer blanket ministry that she loved so dear, and by continuing to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all that will hear.  Madi had hopes to travel and tell others of how the Lord saved her soul, and how her journey of faith kept her strong...even in her sickness.  Her heart was definitely so full of love and her hope was for everyone to know Jesus.  We are honored to help support church needs, mission needs, and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Madi was truly an inspiration to us all.  To know her was to love her.  She never wanted to see others hurting, and she always did her best to lift others up.  Even through her hardest times, she continued to think of others.  We hope that you will join us in making Madi's dreams of giving back come true!  Contact us today if you would like to help our cause and be a part of bringing hope to others!  God bless!

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